Starlee is a thirty-something girl who barely looks her age, really — you wouldn’t think she’s married and a mommy! Ha! 😅

She’s a huge fan of Korean drama but doesn’t like K-pop very much. She doesn’t appreciate Filipino romantic movies because, she says, they’re too westernized. She’s conservative by nature, having grown up with her dear lola.

Starlee usually writes poetry — the traditional rhyming kind because she’s OC; she even wonders how she managed to pass Essay and Essay Writing with a whopping 3.50. She writes when she feels like it; she writes with her emotions, which is why keeping a blog that is non-verse is seemingly difficult. She remembers, though, that she once aced a descriptive paragraph writing activity in second grade, her teacher even gave her an orchid from the school garden for it.

She can’t write news — that’s a hard fact. Or so she thought before attending a seminar-workshop in journalism where she aced news writing in English. She’s gained much confidence now.

Starlee must write because she’s losing it; she’s had writer’s block for years you don’t call it writer’s block anymore. She has to — needs to — write; otherwise, her campus journalists and creative nonfic students, and now her little girl who’s gradually growing fond of books and handwritten material, will eat her alive.


More than writing, she loves teaching — and she believes teaching by example is the best way to go.


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