One Word: FOCUS


December seems to be one of the busiest months of the year, especially in the Philippines, where the holiday rush is just as normal as the next biggest SM sale, not to mention that it spans for more than a month!

Aside from December being our wedding anniversary month, all kinds of reunions are being held here and there. While I do love this month mostly because I get to spend some ‘me-time’ amidst all the busyness, I sometimes dread having time to spend at home — there are just too many things to do!

Now with only a little more than two weeks before the year ends, here is a list of the things I wish I could HAVE TO focus on:

Ultimate home cleaning. Yes, this comes first. Why? Simply put, I am not good at cleaning. Before I got married, I dusted the window screen once every two years, sorted my stuff out once a year, and rarely dusted or mopped the floor. I am not good at this stuff. In fact, I can live with clutter. However, being a good wife requires me to be excellent at it. So yep, I’ll be focusing most of my chakra on the house. 😛

My blogging career. De-cluttering my mind. Of course, I would like to spend more time blogging about all the things, God knows how many, I’m ranting about every single day, but before I could blog, I believe it is important to free my mind from the chaos inside it.

Shying away from social media. This falls under the ‘De-cluttering my mind’ category. Facebook is too loud. There are just too many things going on in the news feed alone, which makes me wonder if I’m getting enough brain exercise to keep myself productive.

Spending time with my notebooks. To effectively ditch the unnecessary, I have decided to write them off. I hope I succeed.

Strategic planning. As what has been constant in the past years, I have always started strong in planning and organizing my life. The sad part creeps in from the middle to the end. I even buy planners, but seldom finish them until the end of the year. Hence, I am dedicating my Christmas vacation to planning how to efficiently plan my life for the months to come.

I wanted to write more, but then, the word, focus, would lose meaning.



What a Treat!


As a treat to my lazy and procrastinating self, I am joining The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge this week, with the theme, TREAT!


Here, the husband looks absolutely happy eating his tarragon bread. Well, he was really that happy because he’s literally Bread Guy and I’m Ice Cream Girl.

On October 14, my birthday, after a long day of touring Tagbilaran City – riding a bugcar to see a little portion of the Chocolate Hills, mingling with butterflies with unusual but beautiful colors and wing patterns, playing hide-and-seek with introverted tarsiers, and buying pasalubong – we decided to cap the day with a visit to Bohol Bee Farm.

I’ve only heard of the place through the internet. I didn’t know what to expect except for the bees, and the delicious organic food that they served.

Our tour driver dropped us off at the farm only to find no one to welcome us, which was so different from the other places we’ve been to. Since we were tired and were carrying lots of stuff, we entered the shop first, which basically smelled of molds. I thought, hey, organic, remember?

While it seemed like a shop with no dine-in facilities, we magically found 1 table and two chairs neatly tucked across the organic chips gondola. Alas! We’ve found our place – we decided to skip the tour and just fill our tummies with what we could find.

Because I knew Jets liked bread, I wanted to buy all kinds of bread for him – they had camote/yam bread, squash bread, carrot bread, malunggay bread aside from the tarragon – because they were not at all pricey compared to how big each piece of bread was. The tarragon bread just cost us a good P13.00, and it was enough to keep him from starvation.

Following a friend’s suggestion and being an ice cream fanatic, I opted for the spicy ginger ice cream in organic cone. It tasted exactly like spicy ginger. The funny thing was I enjoyed it. I even liked the cone, which had more of a kropeck texture than an ice cream cone.

With this I came up with a conclusion about myself: I can eat the food I hate the most if it’s in the form of ice cream.

I’d like to think the ice cream will just be my reward for eating something healthy that doesn’t taste so good. 😀