The Adventure of Avrianna


A nice story by two of my English Elective students. ❤

c r z c n n n

A few years ago Avrianna found a strange book hidden behind her father’s closet, a strange aura was surrounding the book that captured her attention and drew her in. It was as if the book was calling her, telling her to touch it. The entranced Avrianna looked closer and found herself touching the book, running her fingers through the old, dusty cover. Avrianna lifted the book and something fell out. It was a letter from her deceased father.

I knew someday you’d find this book, but I still hoped you’d find it sooner, hopefully never. This book is something a little out of the ordinary, keep it safe and never lend it to anyone. Do not trust anyone, never let fall into the wrong hands. I love you darling, keep safe always.

After that day, Avrianna kept that book by her side, never removing it from her bag and never…

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