Of Mother’s Day and First-Time Moms


Mother’s Day this year is not like any other.

Why? It’s my first mother’s day as a full-fledged mom! Aside from my birthday, this one is another special day dedicated to me, so hurray for that! 😉

The other reason makes more sense though. Until last year, I always prepared something for the special women in the family, be it a small gift, food, or a card. This time, since I am too tied up with our little ball of chubbiness, I wasn’t able to come up with anything. 😔

I never really got to fully understand why parents have their individual special days until I bore and started to raise my own child. Giving birth is one thing; being a mother — which is craftily subdivided into showering her child with unconditional TLC; guiding their first steps; caring for their physiological, spiritual, mental, and social well-being, instilling discipline, and so, the list goes on — is a whole new level. Now that I reflect about it, I think there’s no end to being a mother. The day starts and ends with only one thing in the mind of a mother — her child.

Whoever thought of dedicating a whole day to mothers should be recognized. You are a genius! However, given the chance, I would propose to turn it into mother’s week. One day is not enough to pay tribute and show gratitude and appreciation to the mothers in our lives. It’s not even enough to reminisce their sleepless-nights-turned-sabaw-moments, their numerous sidelines just to provide for our needs, and the immeasurable amount of blood, sweat, and tears they have shed for us. Heck, even the greeting, ‘Happy Mother’s Day,’ does not seem enough.

Now if I were to customize that greeting, this would be it:

“Hey, Mom! Thank you for the things you do and do not do for my welfare. Today, please rid your mind of us, your children. You are free to relax and think of yourself and of the time when we were not yet around– your needs, your wants, your dreams — and tell them to me. Perhaps, that might be a nice mother’s day present.”

However, as much as we ask them to think of themselves only — even for a day– in the end, it will always be about us. Why? Because motherhood is a lifelong duty, not an 8 to 5 job. It molds a woman and gives her a new perspective. And it never ends. 💖

I know, because now I am a mother too. 🙂

PS. After much thought, you know what else I think? Grandmothers should be celebrated, too. It doesn’t count that we celebrate grandparents’ day. A whole day should also be devoted to grandmothers as much as one day is dedicated to mothers.

Growing up with my grandmother, and now living with my mother-in-law, who just happens to be Samsam’s grandma, I can never, and I mean not ever, fathom the strength and endurance they have, even at their old age, to care for their children and their children’s children. They must be Gal Gadot in their younger years. 😉 


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