Natura Vista: Home Away from Home


Jets and I just came from Bohol. It was not our dream destination, but we sure had fun on our first trip together as a married couple — you might call it THE honeymoon, but not really. 😛

Ever since April, I’ve been eyeing an inn in Panglao Island called Natura Vista. Though I’m not a fan of traditional nipa huts or Filipiniana-inspired stuff, this particular hotel had its charm.

When planning for trips, the husband knows I have good choices when it comes to accommodations, so we never argue about that. Good for the maarte wife, he lets me take charge.

We immediately told one of our Ninongs, who was, by the way, ever so generous to give us this trip as a wedding gift, that we would like to avail of Natura Vista’s Kasaag Package.

I think we booked a little too late because the treehouse-like cottage, Kabuntagon, was already taken, so we settled for the Kalipay (Visayan term for happiness) cottage instead. It was the first cottage from the entrance, which I didn’t like at first.


However, as we soon got accustomed with the place, it wasn’t so bad after all. In front of our room were these hanging stalks, jeez, I don’t know what they’re called. Haha.


I really liked how the place felt homey and comfortable. Even the staff were so kind to accommodate our every need.

Our room had two doors, by the way. The other door opened to a porch with the garden in view. This is where we had our first lunch in Bohol.


We had Shrimps in Sweet Chili Sauce and Chicken Halang-halang for lunch. Our welcome refreshments were served as well.

And I especially requested a candlelight dinner on our first night — trying to be romantic on the eve of my birthday!


The fact that they served good food was a bonus. Since the place was far from the city and there were no other restaurants nearby, it was our only choice, but I think we made the right one!

Below are some other pictures we took of Natura Vista.







All in all, we had a very wonderful stay at Natura Vista, despite having a close encounter with a cockroach on our first night. I wouldn’t blame them for the cockroach, though. He’s part of nature. Ha.

So this is just the first part of my Bohol series. We just arrived tonight, so pictures and videos are still in the treasure chest. 😛


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