1600 Days and the Days in Between


Today marks the 1600th day of my relationship with Jets, better known as the exclusively-praying-for-each-other-not-accepting-other-offers-and-getting-there stage. It all depends on when you start counting. There’s an additional 365 days if you want to include our prayer covenant.

Anyhow, I’ll be celebrating this milestone with a blog post. Hurrah!

Months after being married, I have been often asked, “How is married life different from when you were just dating?”

To be honest, answering that question is quite a bother. Why? Because I’d have to think hard about the differences — and really, they are so few I keep forgetting them when I’m in a good mood. ūüôā

When I first met Jets, he was this really cool drummer¬†who cracked the funniest jokes and did the funniest antics. No, not because I liked him at first sight — I just enjoyed his company and it turned out this way. Haha!

310031_10201028079490354_617506181_n 575339_10201028079210347_1859041060_n 935386_10201028078970341_891705009_n 524778_10201027861964916_599489482_n

Two things.

One, our first year of getting to know each other was all good stuff. We hung out, went on group dates and texted each other until we ran out of battery. We liked what we were seeing, hearing and learning from each other.

As we moved from friendship to close friendship and eventually, to courtship Рyes, this term Рwe began to see where we fell short. Too much time with each other allowed us to see our shortcomings and even those that we did way overboard. We hated certain things about each other, but when we think about it, we had more similarities than we had differences, and what we hated about each other, we just saw in ourselves.

So two, there’s good stuff and there’s bad reality — it can’t be fun all the time. Now what’s the difference?

I think it’s the way we deal with circumstances now that we live in the same house and don’t text each other as often.

We have more bills to pay.
We have to work harder.
We have to save up.

We have a family to look forward to.

But¬†now we have the rest of our lives to figure out life, and each other, together, and that’s the best part!

397961_10201027864924990_602994236_n 397852_10201027857604807_1138203465_n 935558_10201027864324975_495394482_n 943271_10201027856564781_250538488_n

All photos taken at Museo Pambata.


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