Today, my grandmother is celebrating her 80th birthday, and with that, I am posting a poem I made for her exactly 10 years ago. 🙂

She wakes up at almost five,
Feeling alert and very alive.
Like a rooster welcoming the daybreak,
She tidies the house for everyone’s sake

To the market she goes unescorted,
Wearing her jacket in vivacious red
To buy newspaper, food and goodies
To provide for all her little kiddies.

She prepares breakfast single-handedly,
While doing her chores simultaneously,
Yet any complaint can never be heard,
As if she’s flying as free as a bird

She stirs her coffee as the sun rises,
Preparing for work and not minding the stress.
She eats pan de sal dipped in coffee,
Waiting for things that would give her glee.

She watches TV and gets all emotional
When the actors turn over theatrical.
At 9:30 she watches Lotto;
After a while she plays the piano.

She shows her listeners her current mood,
As usual pianists naturally would,
But the joy she has shared with others
Is a precious gift and that’s what matters.

She gives the best of everything
Without really asking for anything,
Which is why we never want another
‘Cause no one, other than Nanay, can be any better.


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