Blooming at Work


Bloom where you are planted. – Mary Engelbreit

Ever since I can remember, I have never dreamed of working in a large financial company, banks in particular. I was irked at the idea of dressing up in business casual, counting money and facing the computer most of the day — that’s pretty much how I viewed office-slash-bank work.

And because of this tremendous hate, I failed to get a scholarship because my choice of college program wasn’t at all business related. In fact, all my choices in every college application form I ever filled out were never business related.

I guess it all came from my hopes of deviating from my parents’ work backgrounds. Both of them were bankers, and my mom still is. They know finances well. They know the latest trends, even the “it” people, in the business and banking world.

And I know their stress. I know how tired — and annoyed — they were whenever they came home on weeknights. I was young then, but I knew deep inside, I would never want to bring home the same face every night. I wanted to be happy with my job. Of course, I wanted to be rich. Until now, I still dream of owning a hotel or becoming a millionaire, but more important than money is my happiness.

After more than 8 years of being in the training/education field, I still get hints at getting a better-paying job from my mom, but I think she understands now. She understands, because she came from a high-paying job at a largely known company, where she was undermined and unappreciated. Now she works for a non-commercial company, where clientele is much smaller, pay is much less, but her workload complements her and her colleagues enable her to be better.

While she thinks that my work is all play and nags at me when no one’s looking, I know she brags about her only daughter’s achievements in front of others. And it gives me such joy that my mom and I are finally on the same track, maybe not on the same field or industry, but on the same journey towards creating AND finding happiness and contentment at work. Bloom where you are planted.


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